VIRAL: Photographer Snaps Sweet Valentine’s Day Chocolate Box Photos

Good luck finding something sweeter than this on Valentine's Day!

One Connecticut-based photographer JoAnn Marrero of From Labor to Love, has gone viral for her super sweet Valentine’s Day chocolate photoshoot, which features a giant heart-shaped chocolate box filled with adorable babies dressed in red bows.

The “semi-sweet” photoshoot was imagined by Marrero to honor a special moment she had with her son when he was 2-and-a-half years old, she told Fox News.

To pull it off, Marrero posted on her Facebook page that she was looking for “sitting babies.” She asked specifically for sitters because she didn’t want anyone trying to escape.

After she pared it down to the appropriate age range, she said she took those that applied first to make it the most “fair.” Of the 13 featured, only three were kiddos had she not photographed before.

Marrero said the day of the shoot, the parents put the babies in the boxes to set up for the photo.

“Two seconds later and we were literally done,” she laughed. “The cries came afterward when I tried to make them lay down and get other pictures.”

“All-in-all, it was a lot of fun,” she gushed.

Though as far as making it an annual tradition, Marrero said that’s not in the cards.

“Every time I do something that goes viral, I never recreate it again. This was my special thing,” she said. “I’ll just come up with something different for next year.”


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