Waiting tables isn’t an easy task and serving drinks on a basketball court is even harder… at least for this woman.

Katy Stevens, who has been a court-side server for the past 10 years, according to NBC Sports, dropped a full tray of drinks on Friday evening after a referee bumped into her at the Portland home game against the New Orleans Pelicans.

She was carrying a tray of drinks in her left hand when one of the referees backed into her without seeing her.

Naturally, the entire tray spilled directly on to the floor, however within seconds the ball boys came to the rescue and began cleaning up the mess.

The accident came after Stevens was previously knocked over by LeBron James earlier in the season. Ouch.

This lady can’t catch a break seeing as that incident was also caught on instant replay and went viral on Twitter.

“Cleanup on Aisle 3,” tweeted the official Twitter account for Shaquille O’Neal’s TNT show “Shaqtin’ a Fool.”



Twitter quickly recognized that Stevens was the same waitress who was knocked to the ground by James during a Trail Blazers-Lakers game back in December. The NBA star immediately helped her back on to her feet.

While some Twitter users suggested Stevens could potentially lose her job for the spill, most people, however, came to her defense.

Accidents happen.

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