Scotland Yard Fumes as Harry and Meghan’s Jet-Set Lifestyle Costing Taxpayers $26 Million per Year for Security

Why don't they pay for their own security?

Scotland Yard is at its wits’ end with the spoiled former royals Meghan and Harry, who they say “refuse to play by the rules.”

According to sources inside Scotland Yard, the couple’s current “jet-set lifestyle” is totally “unworkable” and is costing the taxpayers nearly $26 million dollars.

There is now a full-blown argument over who is supposed to pick up the tab for two former royals, as they jet all over the place, many times separately, causing even more headache for Scotland Yard.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s security situation has been branded ‘unworkable’ as it’s revealed that the couple’s cost could soar to £20 million a year.

Experts claimed the couple’s jet-set lifestyle could leave the police unable to cope as they undertake trips to various countries in order to establish their own brand away from the British Monarchy.

A row has reportedly broken out as to who will foot the bill to keep the couple and their son Archie safe as they continue to live in Canada.

The independent couple could push costs to the extreme as they continue to act, as ‘the rules don’t apply to them’. [Daily Mail]

It seems that everyone has had it up to *here* with the entitled duo. Recently Piers Morgan lashed out at the couple for their blatant disrespect for the Queen Mum, Harry’s own grandmother. And new reports from castle-insiders say the Queen is absolutely broken and devastated over the treatment from her grandson and his pushy wife.

Dai Davies, former Met protection officer (similar to our “Secret Service) spoke to The Mirror and said their situation has called for a “complete ripping up of the rule book.”

“In their current state, the plans are unworkable,” he continued, “there is already a severe lack of trained officers and this is only adding to the Met’s woes.”

What’s angering so many people is that cuts have already been made to local police forces and now they have to pull away sources they don’t even have to give added security to two people who have very little concern for anyone but themselves.

It’s unclear why these two don’t pay for their own security since they’re no longer members of the royal family.

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