New Challenge: Teens Boil Tampons and Pads To Get “High”

Is it us or are kids just not using their heads these days?

Where do kids come up with this crap? We’re past the Tide Pod challenge, now there’s something called the Tampon Challenge.

Apparently, teenagers in Indonesia are collecting tampons and pads and boiling them. They then let the mixture cool and consume the liquid results. How did they even think of that?

Supposedly the chlorine used to sanitize menstrual products is what’s get them tipsy, giving them hallucinations and makes them feel like they are “flying.”

Police in Indonesia have actually arrested several teenagers who have confessed to using them, all between the ages of 13 and 16. A 14-year-old even admitted to the police that his friends drink the “menstrual moonshine,” morning noon and night.

A few packages do contain warnings including inhalation and ingestion which comes with a directive to “induce vomiting and seek medical attention,” but of course not all of them.


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