WATCH: Katy Perry Collapses After American Idol “Gas Leak” During Show Auditions

As Katy hit the floor she whimpered, “I’m not feeling good.”

Chaos and mayhem unfolded during auditions for the hit TV show “American Idol,” when an apparent gas leak permeated the studio and caused Idol judge Katy Perry to collapse in a heap.

Perry fell to the ground, not long after she had asked her fellow judges if they smelled “gas” and while firefighters were checking her out.

During the auditions, Perry asked her fellow judges, Lionel Richie and country star Luke Bryan, if they could “smell gas.” Katy indicated the smell was “pretty intense” and Luke said he smelled a “heavy propane” odor.

Katy then said, “I have a slight headache from it, oh it’s bad, it’s really bad,” she complained as she stood up and made her way out of the building, where firefighters were arriving on the scene.

‘You can smell it, right?” Lionel Richie asked the firefighter.

Then things got really dicey.

Just as Katy hit the floor she whimpered, “I’m not feeling good.”

You can watch the video below:

In the end, everyone was fine.

And of course, American Idol will air the dramatic footage when the new season starts.

Never let a good “gas leak” go to waste!

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