Kansas City Chiefs Owner Clark Hunt Encourages Members of His Team to Be Good Christians

God comes first for this NFL team — its clearly paying off

Clark Hunt, the owner of the Kansas City Chiefs, celebrated his team’s Super Bowl victory yesterday by publicly thanking God.

“I want to thank the Lord for blessing our family with all of these incredible people,” Hunt said after the win.

Hunt, who became a Christian at the age of 10, has previously said that promoting a Christian culture on his team is one of his top priorities, according to Sports Spectrum.

“We want our employees to develop spiritually,” Hunt said at the CityFest East Texas Men’s Luncheon back in October. “In the National Football League, Christ is really glorified. My identity is my faith in Christ.”

During this same speech, Hunt praised the Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes, who is also open about his Christian faith.

“Watching Patrick last year was an unbelievable revelation,” Hunt said. “You would have thought he was a 10-year veteran.”

After being signed to the Chiefs last year, Mahomes took to Twitter to praise God.

Over the past six years, Hunt has had the Chiefs offer fans a nondenominational pregame chapel service, which happens every week that there is a noon home game. Hunt typically attends the service himself with his family.

“It’s neat that he makes the effort for him and his family to come,” Kris Thomas, a Fellowship of Christian Athletes representative in Kansas, said in 2017. “I guarantee on Christmas Eve they have a lot people out there who would like their time. And yet they make this a priority. I haven’t been here where they haven’t been here.”

“You’re establishing a new culture,” added FCA’s Kansas City Director Alex Campbell, also in 2017. “You get to see this thing come to a fruition where lives can be changed. Now people are actually saying, ‘If this happens, then I’ll get season tickets (for next year).’ The service has that much of an impact, and the season-ticket holders are saying, ‘We need this.’ It’s got to be fulfillment for the Hunt family for even having the vision.”

It’s so refreshing to see an NFL owner and team put God first. As we all saw yesterday, it’s clearly paying off for the Chiefs.

This piece was originally featured on LifeZette and is being used with permission. 

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