Couple Forces Guests to Sit Through Timeshare Presentation at Wedding

Would it be asking too much for people to just have a normal wedding?

Some of the guests apparently felt like they were being “scammed” after already planning to travel for the destination wedding.

They’re not super wrong…

The story was posted to the site’s forums by a user with the name Asukabokor. According to the story, the author’s friend was looking for advice on whether she should go to the wedding, or if she’s right to feel like she should skip the event.

They want guests to sit through a timeshare to attend a destination wedding!! from bridezillas

After explaining her friend’s relationship to the bride and groom, she said, “So the bride and groom are having a destination wedding in Cancun. Katie (the author’s friend) has been hesitant to go for a few reasons, the obvious one being finances. Flight and hotel would be at least a thousand… and she’d have to take at least three days off of work because the wedding is on 4/20 (a Monday!).”

Apparently, Katie hasn’t been close with the unnamed couple, but her boyfriend wanted to go to “make a vacation out of it.”

“Here’s the kicker though,” the post continued, “the bride and groom want guests to sit through a timeshare in order to come! Like, it’s part of the package or something… I told Katie that when you sit through a timeshare you are supposed to get something out of it (free trip, hotel room, etc…). She has never sat through a timeshare before so I think this was news to her. We both already think it’s tacky.”

Despite sitting through the timeshare presentation, the guests apparently are still expected to pay for their trips. The author explained that she thought “the bride and groom are kind of scamming their guests. Maybe the bride and groom are reaping some sort of benefits from guests attending a timeshare while said guests receive no benefits of doing so? It’s been a long time since I sat through one so I’m not sure. In any case, I told her I’d put my foot down and not go because that’s absurd to ask of your guests.”

Reddit users also seemed skeptical of the situation.

What are your thoughts?


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