Actor Shia LeBeouf Accused of ‘Mocking’ Oscar Co-Presenter with Down Syndrome

The actor is getting a taste of his own medicine on social media

Shia LeBeouf is in hot water this morning after many people are accusing him of mocking his co-presenter who has Down Syndrome during last night’s Oscars.

The gentleman who joined Shia on stage is named Zack Gottasgen.

Gottasgen and LeBeouf stared together in an indy movie called “The Peanut Butter Falcon” and are rumored to be close pals.

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However, it was Shia’s visibly irritated reaction and annoyed laughter over how long his co-presenter was taking to read his lines on stage that has many folks wondering just how “respectful” Shia is to his so-called friend.

You can watch the video below:

Twitter wasn’t too happy after Shia LaBeouf laughed while presenting at the 2020 Oscars with an actor with Down syndrome.

When LaBeouf, 33, took the stage at the Dolby Theatre with his “The Peanut Butter Falcon” co-star Zack Gottsagen, 34, many called him out when he appeared to snicker as Gottsagen struggled to get through his prompted lines.

“The Peanut Butter Falcon,” out this year, is about a man with Down syndrome (played by Gottsagen), who runs away from a care home to follow his dreams of becoming a wrestler, with the help of LaBeouf’s character.

Twitter is divided on whether the “Honey Boy” star was laughing with a friend — or making fun of someone with a disability. (The two walked the red carpet together earlier Sunday, hugging and posing for photos.)

Still, outspoken social media users sounded off: “Shia LeBeouf literally laughed at kid with special needs… wtf,” wrote @isabellahadidv.

“why was Shia LaBeouf so impatient with the boy on stage? laughing at and pushing him along? so distasteful,” said an angry @snowcaplou.

“Ok Shia LeBeouf is canceled,” agreed @rakebamsey. [New York Post]

In today’s PC world little thing you say or do is under a microscope being watched and analyzed by a zillion people. It’s absurd.

However, I do love that the very people who push this “cancel culture” (like the rabidly anti-Trump Shia LeBeouf) are now feeling the bitter sting of the very mob they helped create.

There is nothing more righteous or poetic!

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