He walks around and sees a particular notebook behind a counter that’s locked in a glass box.

He asks the cashier what book that is and the cashier says he does not know and needs to get confirmation from the manager. The man asks him to do so.

Moments later, a tall, slender man with pale skin walks up to him claiming to be the manager. He tells the man that the book is actually a sacred relic which was uncovered during an expedition of some old ruins. The manager says that the book is priced at $1000 as to purposely ward of potential buyers.

The man insistently wants to buy the book although the manager warns him otherwise. At last, the manager agrees to sell him the book, but he warns the man of a curse that will befall him if the last page of the book were to ever be opened.

The man agrees and pays the $1000 then leaves with the book.

When he got home, he decides to leave the book opened on the table of his apartment while he goes and washes up. When he is done, he sees the pages of the book turning towards the end at a fast speed, it was at that point that he realized he forgot to close the windows.

He rushed over to the book in an attempt to close it but it was too late. When the book flipped to the last page, he saw a sight that shocked him to near death

“Fixed price: $3”

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