You’ve Got Mail: USPS Driver Absolutely Destroys Package, Caught on Camera

It's becoming evident that mail men are sick and tired of our heavy orders

In the clip you can see the USPS worker as he tosses the package onto the street and then proceeds to kick it toward Verzilli’s home.

When the mail carrier gets to the porch steps, he briefly picks up the box to walk it over to the front door.

When he finally makes it to the porch, he carelessly tosses the package.


He also shared photos of the damaged package, which displayed “Heavy” stickers on it. The box had drag marks and was ripped in multiple places.

Verzilli shared the incident in a Reddit post that he began recording the mailman after he saw him drop the package for the first time. When Redditors suggested Verzilli should have gone outside to stop or help the USPS worker, he claimed this wasn’t the first time the mail carrier has mistreated packages.

“He’s been confronted many times before,” Verzilli wrote. “I can’t change him. I’d rather be smart about the situation, stay clear and let him do his thing, then take care of it through the proper channels.”

He added: “My immediate involvement won’t un-break my stuff if it’s already broken.”

Verzilli said he had previously spoken to the mailman and that he was well-aware of what he was doing. He said, complaints with the USPS and USPS Office of the Inspector General offices have been filed. He received a response from the inspector general’s office that said the incident was “being escalated.”


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