WOW: Mother-In-Law Wore White to Wedding Because Bride ‘Chose a Cream Dress’

There is a universal rule to follow when it comes to being a wedding guest — and this lady blew it

This kind of makes you think about the movie ‘Monster-in-law’ starring Jennifer Lopez and Jane Fonda…

For reference:

Here’s what happened in this real life version:

A woman shared a photo from her sister’s wedding, which shows the ultimate no-no. Standing next to the bride is the groom’s stepmother — wearing a bright white dress.

Reddit user Advocatecarey recently shared a photo from the wedding, which happened 10 years ago, on the site’s Wedding Shaming forums. She initially explained: “It’s been 10 years since my sister’s wedding, but had to share the shame of my brother-in-law’s stepmother.”

Step-Mother of the Groom… from weddingshaming

As users started commenting, she told the rest of the story: “She (the groom’s stepmother) kept saying since my sister choose a cream dress, her white dress was appropriate.”

On another comment, she added: “This is the only photo the bride and groom took with the stepmother, but she showed up in tons of others.”

She elaborated on the events of the day, writing: “All the bridesmaids, the bride (my sister), the flower girl (my daughter) and my mother were getting ready in a suite. She wanted to join us and had the dress in a garment bag, when she opened the bag… all our mouths were agape. It was a destination wedding, so there was nothing anyone could do.”

When a user asked what the groom had to say about the whole thing, she said: “He was extremely embarrassed. Unfortunately, his mother passed away when he was in high school and he does not like his stepmother.”

Reddit users agreed that the bridge-wearing-a-cream-colored-dress excuse was not good enough.

One user had a unique idea for handling a situation like this, writing: “If anyone pulled this at my wedding, I’d be photoshopping their dress to be snot-green.”

Others mocked the dress, with one user writing: “Looks like a cheap motel table cloth. Although the bride’s dress is not as over the top, she looks absolutely gorgeous and outshines the mother-in-law’s horrific dress!”


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