It would take a lot of convincing for someone to persuade us that this isn’t one of the weirdest things we’ve ever heard.

Get this: a wife absolutely freaked out and caused a scene in a nice restaurant. We’re talking people stopped eating and probably dropped their forks kind of scene. Why? Because her husband called her out for bringing a stuffed animal into the restaurant and treating it like a person.

The man says his 32 year old wife has always loved stuffed animals, and her collection has been slowly increasing in both the size and number of the toys she keeps.

At first, he found it endearing and had even bought several of them for her, before she found one she ‘really liked’ a couple of years ago – a foot tall pig wearing pajamas.

Turns out she REALLY loved it because she started bringing it on their travels, taking photos of the stuffed pig in front of landmarks to post on her social media, which he says brings some odd looks but it had never bothered him as that “was her jam.”

The pig really started to get to him when the wife started taking it to restaurants, where she asked staff if it could have its own chair. Although he felt it was a bit silly, he decided it “wasn’t hurting anyone” and kept his mouth shut.

One day they visited an “upscale” place and again asked for a table for three so the pig could join them for dinner, where the judgement from other diners became hard to ignore.

“I had a crazy day at work and was a bit tired, and I noticed quite a few people glancing in our direction,” he wrote on Reddit.

AITA for asking my wife to not bring her stuffed animal to restaurants with us all the time? from AmItheAsshole

“So, I asked her if she could sometimes maybe just leave the stuffy at home. She said OK, but after thinking about it for a couple of minutes she became very angry, shouted ‘why, do I embarrass you!?’ and stormed out of the place, which then became silent.When I got home she was still fuming and felt personally attacked by my request. I tried explaining myself but it basically ended by her saying she’d bring it anywhere she damn well pleased. I didn’t push it further because I didn’t think it was worth fighting over more, and didn’t bring it up again.”

Apparently, the wife’s habit has continued and he has started to question if he was in the wrong to ask her to leave the toy at home.

As he sought advice from the forum, some defended his actions as one wrote: “Your wife shouldn’t bring a really big stuffed animal around that’s strange. Maybe convince her to bring a smaller one around that she keeps in her purse or something.”

Others criticized him for calling her out, as another replied: “Sorry but you’re the a**hole just for how you dealt with it in public.

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