Incredibly, the animal appeared to shake off the antlers quickly — all eight points.

The footage was uploaded to Facebook by the Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department. In the video, the deer almost appears to be scratching an itch on its head before quickly shaking the antlers free and fleeing the scene.


Ann Sivori kindly shared her spectacular and unique trail camera video of an 8-point buck shedding both of its antlers in Northfield, Vermont. Watch closely – it happens fast.

Posted by Vermont Fish & Wildlife on Tuesday, January 7, 2020

The video was captured in early January by a trail camera set up in Northfield, Vermont, by Ann Sivori. Vermont Fish and Wildlife described the footage as “spectacular and unique.”

In response to a comment on the footage, Sivori explained that she isn’t a hunter and hadn’t set up any bait for the animal. Instead, it appears that the deer was eating apples that had fallen from a nearby tree.

The footage has been viewed over 500,000 times and has received hundreds of reactions!