The viral clip, posted last week by the Facebook account Scary Mommy Time Out, shows a Texas mother kissing her 9-month-old. Moments later, the infant follows up with a barrage of kisses that look more like the child trying to eat her cheek.

The little girl seemingly catches her mom off guard, because she’s laughing so hard.

WATCH: This mom cannot contain her laughter when her adorable baby starts covering her in kisses. ?????(Video: Malorie Corcoran via CBS)

Posted by KUTV 2News on Thursday, January 2, 2020

The mom proceeds to kiss the baby once more, and is yet again met with the infant’s wild kisses.

Facebook users fell in love with the mommy-baby video, which garnered 3.8 million views as of Tuesday evening.

“Another Facebook user said: “This baby’s so cute it’s ridiculous.”


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