Tasteless: Washington Post Reporter Trashes Kobe Bryant Minutes After His Death

The Washington Post has since suspended Sonmez for her tweet.

As reported NBA legend Kobe Byrant and his daughter Gianna, along with 7 other souls, were tragically killed on Sunday in a horrific helicopter crash.

Kobe left behind 2 young daughters and 1 newborn along with his wife.

But that didn’t stop Washington Post reporter Felicia Sonmez from using this exact moment to dust off her #MeToo hashtag and drag up the old “rape accusation” against Kobe from years ago.

Sonmez posted a 2-year old article written about the “rape accusation” just minutes after news of his death hit. The now-deleted tweet linked to the article titled “Kobe Bryant’s Disturbing Rape Case: The DNA Evidence, the Accuser’s Story, and the Half-Confession.” She did not share any personal feelings, she just shared the article.

Image: Twitter

Before deleting the tweet she had logged over 25 thousand angry comments and she also claimed she was getting “death threats.”

She’s the “victim” apparently. 

Twitter was indeed merciless in going after the callous woman.

Nobody held back, that’s for sure.

“Go straight to hell. And bring your horrible newspaper with you,” said one angry Twitter user.

“When the media tells you they are the enemy of the people, believe them,” quipped another user.

“I don’t even like basketball and I wasn’t a Kobe fan…and even I think this is a badly timed, low blow to the family right now. Don’t even try to play victim when you inevitably get ratioed for this post either, you deserve the penance.”

“This is gross. A woman lost her husband and child today. Kids lost their father and sister. Children all over the world lost their hero. People are grieving. Maybe give it a day before you trample on the memories of the deceased.”

“This is as tasteless, classless, and clueless a tweet as you will ever see. A father and his daughter were killed today. If you can’t shelve the oppo dump and find a heart you’re a sociopath.”

“You’re a terrible person.”

“Further proof that Twitter turns people’s souls into callous vessels.”

“Today we mourn the compassion, integrity, and humanitarianism of Felicia Sonmez.  May they rest in peace.”

Regardless of what your feelings are on the issue of said accusation – many, many people believe Kobe was the victim of a “Me Too” scam while others believe the woman. Whatever the case may be, bringing it up minutes after he and his daughter are tragically killed in a helicopter crash is absolutely abhorrent.

The Washington Post has since suspended Sonmez for her tweet.

This piece originally appeared on WayneDupree.com and is used by permission.

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