Reports Say Prince Charles ‘Livid’ at Harry and Meghan for Decision to ‘Step Back’ From Royal Duties

Apparently there are a ton of unknowns in wake of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex

What else did they think was going to happen? Did Harry and Meghan think that the rest of the royals were just going to say “okay, sounds great — enjoy Canada!?”

Yeah — no.

Prince Charles is supposedly enraged at Prince Harry after he and Meg announced their plans to “step back” from their senior royal duties last week.

Harry and Meghan told the world they plan to become financially independent of the crown and split their time between the United Kingdom and Canada.

During the summit on Monday attended by Charles, Harry, his brother William and QE II an insider told Us Weekly that Charles is “livid” with his son and blames the Duchess of Sussex for the decision to break from royal tradition.

He gave her away, did he not?

Anyway,  regardless of how Charles feels the insider claims that Harry and Meghan have zero regret.

“They’re not having any second thoughts,” says the insider, who notes they’ve already got a three-year plan in motion.

They plan to settle in Canada and keep a vacation home in Los Angeles to continue their charitable endeavors, according to reports. They also hope to give baby Archie a sibling in the coming years as well.

However, Charles’ reported anger at Harry and Meghan could affect their three-year plan — Charles, 71, is reportedly indirectly responsible for covering almost 95 percent of their costs.

Charles has been known to receive income from the Duchy of Cornwall, which he then divides amongst himself, his wife, his sons and his daughters-in-law to support themselves and their philanthropic work.

According to The Wall Street Journal, the Duchy of Cornwall brought in over 20 million pounds last year. The question now is whether or not Charles is willing to continue that payment and if Harry and Meghan will take it if it’s offered.


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