Over a million people have seen the clip so — it’s not likely she’ll live this one down.

Last week, Dubois and her family, from Manitoba, were competing against the Tomlins of Ontario. The game went into sudden death, and Dubois took the podium to square off against one of the Tomlins, to see whose family would be playing for $10,000 Canadian in the “Fast Money” round.

There was also only one answer on the board, meaning whoever buzzed in with the most popular response would advance to the final stage.

Host Gerry Dee then posed the question: “Name Popeye’s favorite food.”

Dee’s question was referring to Popeye the Sailor Man, but Dubois, intensely sure of herself, buzzed in before he had even finished the question. “Chicken!” she responded, while doing a little dance in full confidence.

The host immediately put his head on the podium.

The Dubois family looked back at Eve, likely thinking “what the heck? You’re not serious…” Dee turned to the board to see if, by some chance, “Chicken” was the top answer. Instead, he and Dubois were shown a big red X.

Dee then deferred to Logan, from the Tomlin family, to give his answer. “Spinach, Jerry,” said Logan. He was correct, and the Tomlins advanced to the Fast Money round.

“I thought you meant Popeyes Chicken,” Dubois said to Dee before returning back to her family’s podium.

Then, within a day, Popeyes Louisiana Chicken tweeted at Dubois, telling her that they loved her answer anyway, and would be awarding her with $10,000 worth of Popeyes fast food.

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