Passenger Publicly Shamed for Putting Bare Foot on Armrest During Flight

Would it be gross or absolutely necessary to mess with the foot in some way? 

If you have flown recently the feeling of being way too close to a bunch of strangers is fresh in your mind. People are smelly, the air circulation is some of the worst in the world — its gross.

What doesn’t help is when fellow passengers totally disregard all of the aforementioned.  A passenger is being rightfully slammed for putting their barefoot on the armrest of the person sitting in front of them during a flight.

We’ll pause while you throw up. 

A video of the outrageous occurrence was shared on Tuesday by the Instagram account @PassengerShaming with the caption: “So is hobbling still a thing?”

The post shows the passenger’s foot comfortably laid up on the armrest belonging to a female passenger sitting in a window seat. The camera quickly pans over to her face – and she does not appear enthused.

She’s also seen holding a cup with her left hand, presumably because her right armrest has been commandeered by someone’s foot.

Instagram users had a lot to say about the shocking airline offense.

“The fact passengers won’t speak up is mind-boggling!” said one Instagram user. “I’ll be damned if a person ever has [their] foot up on my arm rest!”

“Seriously, what grown adult does this with no remorse?” another person commented.

One Instagram user hilariously wrote, “Whoopsie my scalding hot coffee has been spilled all over what should be my armrest.”

Would it be gross or absolutely necessary to mess with the foot in some way?


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