Oregon Woman Arrested After Punching Boyfriend For Leaving Her Dog in Rain

She truly looks like there isn't one ounce of regret

Don’t mess with a lady’s dog.

That’s the message this woman was trying to send at least.

According to authorities, Melissa Morris told deputies she punched her boyfriend twice in the face “because he left her dog outside in the rain.”

Honestly, we’d probably do the same thing — because what the hell?

Police quickly responded to Miller Road in Myrtle Point on New Year’s Eve for a report of an assault.

The boyfriend told deputies that Morris had punched him in the face as the two spoke. Authorities noted the man had a marble-sized welt and a scratch mark on his right eyebrow.

Morris was arrested and is now facing a fourth-degree domestic assault charge.

She was transported to the Coos County Jail where she was booked and lodged.

Coos County Sheriff’s Office decided to tweet a picture of the suspect as she flashed a big smile — seemingly with no regret.


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