This is everything wrong with today’s generation and there is no way could even attempt to defend the actions of this mother.

Here’s the scoop: a job ad for a nanny was recently posted online — to cook and clean for an 18 year old law student. She’s apparently an undergrad law student at the University of Leeds — whatever that means.

Whichever parent posted the ad is concerned for the child who the rest of society considers to be an adult. The Canadian student already has a driver and a “lovely” two-bedroom apartment, according to the ad, but the life of a student has become too much for her to bare.

Plot twist: college is hard!

This girl’s classmates will probably be working 2 jobs and living with numerous roommates to survive the semester — meanwhile, she’ll have someone to tend to her every need.

The post reads:

In all honesty, this could be the best/easiest job on the market or it could be the absolute worst.

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