Mom Accidentally Buys Babydoll Filled With Cocaine

This family wasn't dreaming of the white Christmas they signed up for

One family was set up to have one heck of a white Christmas and not how you’d think.

Elizabeth Faidley thought she had found the perfect gift for her daughter on Etsy, but what she actually got was a mermaid babydoll filled with cocaine.

Just a little terrifying, right?

Anyway, when she came across the fun little mermaid doll, she’d thought she’d hit the ultimate jackpot — if you have kids you know mermaids and unicorns are all the rage.

When the doll finally arrived, the mother and daughter were quite disappointed after seeing that the  “hideous doll” had scaly skin, green hair, and creepy eyes. The things nightmares are made of.

Faidley was confused since it didn’t look like the “merbaby” she had ordered so she attempted to fix the doll herself. She started with the dolls hair — attempting to dye it blonde, but no such luck.

She took the next steps, which if you’ve ever ruined a babydoll you know they often need triage from professionals. After searching online for help, Faidley discovered a “dolls and teddy bear hospital” in Secaucus, New Jersey who was willing to help.

After a few weeks and minimal contact from the doll hospital, the mother received a message from the Secaucus Police Department saying they needed to speak to her “immediately.”

The New Jersey Drug Enforcement Administration quickly ran Faidley’s entire family through the system, eventually confirming that none of her family have drug convictions.

The DEA notified the family  that they would need to keep the cocaine and the baby mermaid itself as evidence and are planning to run a “sting operation” of the doll’s manufacturer located in Alabama.

Disappointed by the situation, through a Facebook post, Faidley continued, “Everything we do for our children….we try to get the best Christmas gift and accidentally buy a mermaby stuffed with cocaine and become embroiled in an international drug-smuggling ring.”

We’re certain this was a Christmas they’ll never forget!

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Posted by Elizabeth Faidley on Monday, December 23, 2019


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