Man Quits Job to Travel World With Pet Ferret

The pair has visited more than 25 towns and cities in 11 countries

Traveling the world with your best friend, what more could you want?

Charlie Hammerton, 25, was grieving the deaths of not only his best friend, but mother and adopted mom in just a year.

On his search for happiness he decided to travel the world with his “best pal” who happened to be a rescue ferret named Bandit.

The Royal Air Force airman quit his job and sold everything to travel the world with his pet ferret. When we say everything we mean he sold his three cars and almost all his possessions, conjuring up $19,585  for his dream trip, allowing him to buy a camper.

He and the ferret traveled for eight months, drove through 11 countries, from the Arctic Circle to southern Italy. His adventures have even  included road trips to raise awareness for different charities.

They walked across Hadrian’s Wall in aid of motor neuron disease charity, MND, and also skateboarded 40 miles across London in aid of a drug awareness charity.

In all the duo has visited more than 25 towns and cities in 11 countries and Charlie documented the adventure on a Facebook page, ‘Adventures With Charlie Hammerton’. In November 2018, Charlie released a book inspired by his travels, “Before Our Adventures.”

From the looks of the page we think the ferret friend may have sadly died.


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