Kids can’t be trusted — especially the tiny ones.

Sarah Wruck shared pictures online of her two year old, Eli “painting” the family’s $2,000 television, The Sun reports.

She says that she stepped out of the room to make dinner and within a matter of minutes her son grabbed a tube of diaper rash lotion and made a huge mess.

“They were both happily together in the living room watching a movie when I got up to start making dinner,” she told The Sun of her toddler, Eli, and her other son, Ben. “I could hear that they were really quiet, and I know that when they’re quiet something is going on. I asked them what they were doing, and I heard ‘I’m painting!’ and I just thought oh no.”

She continued to say, “Their dad had left the [diaper] cream on the changing table nearby, and Eli had gotten into it and smothered himself and the television with it. When I saw what happened, I screamed for my partner. He couldn’t believe it. I was experiencing a combination of laughing and crying.”

Credit: Caters News Agency

Wruck says that she can’t believe “how much damage he’d done in such a little amount of time.” According to her, she’d only been out of the room for “less than five minutes.”

“It was just too quiet, and then the TV went off and I realized something weird was happening,” she said.

Wruck was able to clean off both the toddler and the TV — but it took some time. 

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