Groom-To-Be Tells Fiancé She’s Being Unreasonable for Wanting ‘Extravagant’ Dress

Men, do yourselves a favor and leave the dress alone

First of all $950 is kind of a steal — those things are EXPENSIVE.

The man, who posted the username “Josh8449,” began by explaining that he and his fiancée “Emma” were getting married in July and had everything “pretty much sorted” as far as the actual ceremony goes.

The one thing his bride-to-be hadn’t bought yet was a wedding dress.

Emma allegedly told him she was eyeing a gown that cost $950, as well as a $120 veil — Josh didn’t understand because the couple “[isn’t] the extravagant type at all.”

AITA i (38 m) for telling my fiancee ( f 27)her wedding dress choice is way too extravagant and suggesting alternatives? from AmItheAsshole

Josh said he was also a little upset because they had jointly saved $10,000 for the wedding and the dress would put a dent in their leftover honeymoon fund.

Women dream about their wedding day as little girls — is it really that big of a deal?

“I’m not trying to get her to cheap out on her dress but she will literally wear it once, one dress for over $1,000 is just insane […] that would fund our honeymoon,” Josh said.

Josh added that he was going to wear his dad’s old tuxedo to save money. Apparently he  understood that Emma couldn’t wear her mother’s gown and “her and her mum both say the style hasn’t aged well [which] is fair,” but he didn’t understand why she couldn’t find a cheaper, similar dress online.

The joker said he Googled dresses and found a ton for much cheaper.  He said, “I tried to show her some dresses I found on [the Wish app] and others … but she was having none of it.” COME ON.

Emma also offered to pay for the dress out of her own money and not their shared honeymoon fund, but Josh still wasn’t happy because “we [are] about to marry and our finances will be joined.” He also didn’t appreciate Emma’s mom offering to buy the dress.

His fiancé clearly couldn’t win …

The whole thing soon turned “nasty,” Josh said, adding that “Emma has been extremely cold to me” and acting like a “toddler.”

Maybe if he wasn’t a cheap ass …

He said Emma also questioned whether the two were too incompatible to marry, and went to stay with her parents.

Can we blame her?

Not surprisingly, the Reddit community largely agreed that, yes, Josh was wrong.


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