Florida Newlyweds Use Coin Toss to Decide on Last Name

All is fair in love and this relationship... 

All is fair in love and war.

Fairness has been a constant theme for one couple, who originally met on Tinder. After dating for a year, Jeff Conley and Darcy Ward got engaged with both Jeff and Darcy crafting proposals for each other, according to the Palm Beach Post.

For Jeff’s proposal to Darcy, he gathered his friends and played the couple’s favorite song, “The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down,” before getting down on one knee. Whereas Darcy’s proposal to Jeff began with a scavenger hunt that spelled out “Will you marry me?”

Earlier this month, the couple got married at Wakulla Springs and when it came time to announce the pair’s official married last name, the couple let a coin toss decide their future.

At the altar, Conley and Ward flipped a coin engraved with each of their surnames. The coin landed on “Ward,” officially deciding that the two would be known as Mr. Jeff Ward and Mrs. Darcy Ward. Apparently it was Jeff’s idea.

“It’s fair. I am a graduate student in economics at Florida State and I think about fairness,” he told the publication.

The Wards seem happy with the coin-toss turnout.

“You could say I won,” Jeff told the Post. “I was the one who received something new.”


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