Woman Upset With Son’s Haircut Drives Car Into Antioch Barber and His Shop

People take their kids hair really seriously — this mother is no exception

Has a haircut ever been that bad that you just wanted to burn the place down? Probably not. They can be bad enough to create tears and anger and humiliation, but in reality its just hair and it always grows back.

Apparently no one told Ruby Delgadillo, 28 that.

Antioch, Calif. police are currently searching for Delgadillo who witnesses say intentionally drove her car into a barber after she was reportedly dissatisfied with the haircut he gave her son, police said Wednesday.

The crash happened around 3:45 p.m. Wednesday at Delta Barbershop on A Street at E. 18th Street in Antioch. The suspect was reportedly causing a scene outside the shop, apparently dissatisfied with the haircut her son received.

The barber went outside to record her license plate number and the woman allegedly attempted to run him over. The barber was knocked into the store’s glass windows, breaking them, and sustained major leg injuries, police said. The 63-year-old was transported to a local hospital.

Witness James Nguyen said, “I saw the car taking off, backing out and then taking off real fast. The owner of the barber shop was already laying down inside.”

Antioch police identified the suspect as 28-year-old Ruby Delgadillo of Brentwood.

She fled the scene with her son in a blue 2006 Toyota Prius with the California license plate 8LHB387.


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