We’re all probably guilty of ordering things offline and just forgetting that it has to be delivered by a delivery guy. They of all people, probably have one of the hardest most taxing jobs of loading and unloading all of our crap during the holidays.

One FedEx driver in Mayville, Wisconsin actually lost his cool as he attempted to push and drag the merchandise through the yard and over the sidewalk— and it’s kind of understandable.

We’re guessing this was the last straw with this particular delivery driver seeing as he was obviously upset at having to physically pick up a 140-pound couch from Wayfair, that was damaged, by himself. That thing is awkward — its heavy — and again, the guy was all alone.

No way that would be an easy task, but of course, the whole ordeal was caught on camera.

The video’s YouTube caption read: “We purchased a couch through Wayfair. It was delivered, by Fed Ex and the frame was cracked. Wayfair sent out a replacement (We were told to dispose of the damaged one). The replacement arrived and the corner of the box was torn and looked damaged. We decided to not even open it, thinking it was probably damaged as well. Contacted Wayfair, they gave us a list of places we could drop off the return. All of the places either had a 55 pound weight limit, or was a drop box located outside, which the couch would not fit into. I contacted Wayfair again, asking where else we could drop it off. Wayfair then called Fed Ex and scheduled the pick up.”

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