Wedding Guest Told to Follow ‘Ridiculously Petty Rules’ at Former Boyfriend’s Wedding Ceremony

Weddings tend to bring out a whole different side of people that you never saw coming

Who even does that?

She said, “My friend is marrying my ex-boyfriend of four years. It’s been pretty awkward.” Alleging that she was kicked out of the wedding party because she felt “uncomfortable” with wearing the “very revealing bridesmaid’s gown,” the Redditor claimed the bride still welcomed her at the wedding, so long as she obeys “a very specific set of rules” stipulating what she could wear and who she could speak to.

Eh, sounds like a fun time — right?

The writer continued, “I was about to just not go when I ran into the bride’s ex who is also invited to the wedding” explaining that the bride’s ex also happens to be the groom’s cousin. “He was also kicked out of the wedding party and was given a list of rules to follow.”

Now, the Redditor said that she and the man plan to attend the bash together, and “have fun breaking as many rules that we can.” At the affair, the troublemakers plan to dress how they please, enjoy the open bar, talk to everyone and rock the dance floor, as they are specifically “NOT ALLOWED TO DANCE,” per the couple’s instructions.

What the heck is this?

“Nothing we would do would distract from the bride’s big day other than breaking the ridiculously petty rules that we’re supposed to follow. We’re also both at the point where we’re both ready to sever ties with the bride and groom,” the author concluded, polling the Reddit community as to whether or not the devious plan makes her a jerk.

Turns out, most of the commenters agreed that rebelling was a total waste of time. Some more mischievous users, meanwhile, endorsed the author’s idea and encouraged her to follow through.

“Go with him! Have fun!” one user said. “Also who sets up these kind of rules? No dancing?? At a wedding? That’s so lame. Enjoy yourself and then cut ties.”

With the wedding about three weeks away, it remains to be determined whether or not the couple’s former partners will ultimately attend, as the original author has yet to follow-up or confirm any plans.


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