Volunteers Drive 2k Miles to Reunite Family with Stolen Dog

Over the course of six days, this stolen pit bull was driven across nine states and arrived back at his family's home on Tuesday night

This particular story is kind of like a modern day “Homeward Bound,” but this time more than a dozen dozen volunteers got together to transport a dog thousands of miles back to his family.

Zeus, a pit bull who lived with a mother and her two daughters in Butte, Montana, was reportedly stolen by a family friend who was visiting two months ago.

Ha! Some friend, right?

The friend, who was not identified, was later arrested in Charleston, West Virginia, and Zeus was taken to a shelter in the city, TV station WOWK reported.

After discovering that Zeus had a microchip, the Kanawha Charleston Humane Association, where Zeus was taken, starting to take steps to get him back to his family.

Chelsea Staley, with the Kanawha Charleston Humane Association, told WOWK, “We realized he could not fly commercial because he is too big. He is 73 pounds.” So the organization turned to Facebook to help coordinate Zeus’ trip home.

The non-profit partnered with Many Paws Volunteer Transport group to find people who would be willing and able to transport the dog over 2,000 miles back to Montana.

Fifteen different people volunteered to drive Zeus across the country and both organizations detailed the dog’s travels on social media. Some people even welcomed Zeus into their homes for the night as the pit bull made his cross country venture.

Over the course of six days, Zeus was driven across nine states and arrived back at his family’s home on Tuesday night.


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