Vegan Influencer Goes Against Grain with Carnivore Diet

She spent 30 days eating nothing but meat and animal products — felt better than she has in years!

If you haven’t noticed, everyone is on a diet these days.

Being a vegan or vegetarian means you’re on a diet. If you’re eating foods that classify as only KETO or paleo or carnivore  — you’re on a diet.

Diets are becoming less about social or cultural demonstrations and more about what makes people feel good — which is how it should be, right?

You can like meat and eat with a lot of vegan tendencies and not have people ask a million questions.

Newsflash: nobody cares.

Alyse Parker, who is a former vegan influencer told her 200K Instagram fans along with 700K Youtube subscribers that she spent 30 days eating nothing but meat and animal products — AND SHE LIKED IT!

In an Instagram post, she revealed that she decided to try the Carnivore Diet after hearing about all of the health benefits from friends who switched from being vegan to eating only meat and animal products.

Parker explained, “I had my own fair share of health struggles and eventually reached a breaking point where I was willing to try anything to function properly again.”


“I swallowed my pride and decided I’d give it a shot,” she continued. “Full-on carnivore. I woke up the next morning feeling more mentally clear, focused, wholesome, and healthy than I had felt in years.”

On Youtube, where she elaborated on her experience, many of her fans reacted negatively, with one simply commenting, “This is so disappointing.”

Another commenter wrote, “If you had to kill every animal you ate in this video… We all know you would go back to vegan immediately. I’ve also been vegan for 4.5 years now, no meat for 6. I’ve never been this healthy in my life, and I have the blood work to prove it.”


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