Tennessee Man Facing Murder Charges After Shooting His Neighbor over Patch of Grass

George Patterson allegedly killed his next-door neighbor after a longstanding feud regarding a patch of land between their homes

Having neighbors isn’t all its cracked up to be. In bigger cities you may not even know the people across the hall in your building or even anyone on your floor. If you’re in a rural area it’s quite possible your neighbors are your best friends.

It all depends.

A Tennessee woman claims that her fiancé was killed by their next-door neighbor during a longstanding dispute that began over who was allowed to mow the grass between their homes.

Last month, Davey Roach Jr., 43 posted a video on Facebook that said he was concerned about his neighbor who always carried a gun and had a security camera fixed on the outside of his house.

RTPD please so something before he has one of his episodes and does something he will regret.

Posted by Davey Roach on Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Roach complained to Rocky Top police saying George Patterson, 67, had repeatedly threatened his family. Four days later, Patterson shot Roach to death following another argument in front of their homes, authorities said.

Patterson now has to go through psychiatric evaluation to see if he is fit to stand trial on a first-degree murder charge, an Anderson County judge ruled Tuesday.

Roach’s fiance, Felicia Adkins, told The Knoxville News Sentinel a feud between the men had been escalating for more than a year after the two began fighting over a strip of land between their homes. Adkins added, Patterson had claimed the land and told Roach to stay off his property.

Patterson admitted to firing his gun on Nov. 23, but says he aimed at the ground near Roach, according to an arrest warrant written by a Tennessee Bureau of Investigation agent.

Patterson has a hearing scheduled for March.

Posted by Davey Roach on Wednesday, November 27, 2019




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