Teenager Gets Stuck in High Chair at Chick-Fil-A After Friend Dares Her

Dinner and a show?

Teenagers these days— you think they’d learn from everyone else’s stupid mistakes or maybe just use their heads. Some do and then there are kids like this…

A 15-year-old girl found out the hard way that while she still fits in the high chair they’re impossible to get out of.

The incident occurred last Tuesday around 9:30 p.m., East Idaho News reports. Firefighters were called to a local Chick-fil-A in Idaho when a teenager got stuck in a high chair.

She had apparently been dared by her friends to sit in the small seat.

The young girl’s friends and restaurant workers attempted to help her out of the chair for 45 minutes before calling authorities.

Ammon Battalion Chief, Jesse Williams told East Idaho News, “They ate their meal and then dared one of the young ladies to see whether or not she could fit in a high chair. She accepted the dare and was able to get in the chair but couldn’t get back out.” Williams described this call as “the first of this type.”

Seriously, what do you even say to that?

According to Williams, “When we got there, she was in high spirits but seemed a bit embarrassed. Her friends were actively Snap-chatting and Instagramming because that’s what teenagers do.”

Fire crews were able to free the girl around 11 p.m. They initially believed that they would have to use a chainsaw to free her, but were instead able to disassemble the chair themselves.

The teen’s mom told East Idaho News, “She wants to thank the staff at Ammon Chick-fil-A and the Ammon Fire Department for their kindness and understanding in an unlikely situation. Yes, this was a silly dare and could have been much worse. We are very thankful that the fire department was able to assist and that no one else was in need of their services at the time.”

Would anyone else’s mom have freaked out?!


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