Restaurant’s Take on Vegan Dessert Was One Slice of a Banana

Why didn't they give her the whole thing!?

Apparently vegans can’t have their cake and eat it too…

A vegan woman shared a very sad-looking image to her Twitter account of what a restaurant served her on her birthday. Instead of a cake, the restaurant gave her a single slice of a banana.

Why they didn’t give her the whole banana is still a mystery, but at least they put a candle in the middle of the fruit.

The restaurant did, however, use vegan-friendly chocolate syrup to write “Happy Birthday” on the plate.

She later clarified that the chocolate syrup was Hershey’s syrup, which she’s able to eat. So thats a plus.

When a Twitter user asked Yazmin if she shared the dessert with her friends, she responded, “I ate the whole thing.”


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