A sweet little dog got her head stuck in a box of tissues after she finished not only pulling all of the contents out of the box, but thoroughly ripping it all up.

Winzee, a one-year-old Morkie pup, found herself head first into a tissue box Thanksgiving day and her owner got it all on camera.

Debbie Loden, 54, at her home in Palacios, Texas, U.S captured the clueless puppy walking backwards around the house before she is seen wagging her tail at mom’s voice.

Loden said, “We had company over for Thanksgiving so I didn’t notice that she was attacking the tissues at first. Then I looked over and saw that she had her head stuck in the box, but her tail was still wagging away like crazy.” She continued, “We thought it was so funny I pulled out my phone and filmed her running around with the box on her head.”


The mischievous friend has apparently been captured partaking in her favorite tissue-ripping activity on multiple occasions, so this state of pure bliss was no surprise. Loden noted, “She has always loved tissues, paper and toilet paper. Normally she’ll just pull every single tissue out of the box and play around in them, if she finds a box of tissues that is her idea of heaven.”

How cute is she!?

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