New Dad Creates Drama After He Set Rules for People Visiting His Newborn

Both his mother and mother-in-law slammed him for being "very rude and cold" after he set boundaries around hospital visits

Is there anything more stressful than bringing a human into this world? You see all of these posts about disease and horror stories of babies contracting viruses.

One new dad took it upon himself to set a bunch of guidelines for the birth of his son. Surprise, surprise he sparked some animosity.

The new dad, who goes by Mission_Ear on Reddit, posted to the platform’s “Am I the Asshole” forum after both his mother and mother-in-law slammed him for being “very rude and cold” after he set boundaries around hospital visits.

AITA for sending an email out with guidelines on visiting our newborn? from AmItheAsshole

“We held off on visits for the first day,” he explained in the post. “I’m a very anxious new parent, so when we decided that we’d have people come and meet our son, I sent an email out to everyone who said they wanted to come visit.”

His requests were simple: No more than 3-4 visitors at a time; no one under 18; no strong fragrances; no gifts; limit all visits to an hour. Yet, predictably, they set off a whirlwind of “snippy comments,” backlash, and disregard for his wishes, primarily from his parents and mother-in-law.

The Redditor explained that his parents arrived while his aunt, her husband, and her two adult kids were in the room. Not a huge deal, he said, since the extended family members cleared out soon after to allow grandma and grandpa some cuddle time. But then things started to heat up, and a once “pleasant” encounter (his mom took off the baby’s swaddle) quickly spiraled.

“An hour later, my parents are still there, and my in-laws show up, their grandson in tow,” he wrote. “My wife tells them that they can’t bring him in. Their grandson starts to cry, and my Mother-in-law starts to scold us for forbidding children, so my father pipes up saying that we’re being too coddling.”

OK BOOMER. No, we’re kidding.

Anyway, the coddling comment didn’t go over well.  “Then, my mother starts up and tells us that we’ve been very rude and cold and says that as [the] grandmother it’s her right to visit the baby when she pleases, and she shouldn’t have to ‘RSVP’ to her grandson’s birth,” he adds. “She calls me impolite for sending out a ‘demanding’ email like I did and insists that if I regulate my son as strictly as I did his visitings, he’ll grow up to resent my wife and I.”

And thats not all. After asking people to leave, his mom and mother-in-law reiterated that he was “rude” and made threats never to visit again. His wife “changed her tune” and called him “combative.”

Let’s be honest. He could have probably gone without sending the email — it’s just kind of tacky. He’s a new dad he’ll get warmed up eventually.

Don’t burn the grandparent bridges dude, you’re going to need a break eventually.


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