Mom with Ovarian Cancer Lets Daughter Give Her a Chemo Hair Cut

Cancer is scary at any age — and it’s never fun for anyone involved. No one likes to see or watch their loved ones suffer.

One woman made sure her family was eased into the chemo process in a clever video.

When Emilie Orton, 32 was diagnosed with stage two ovarian cancer, her oncologist shared some advice about hair loss.

She sat down with TODAY parents and said, “Right before I started chemo, my doctor said, ‘remember this is emotional for your kids too. You’re not the only one going through it,’” She added, “He suggested I find a way to involve them.”

Though Orton was anxious to shave her head, she wanted to ease her children into the idea of a bald mom. So, the Utah mother of three enlisted her 4-year-old daughter Norah to be her stylist.

The preschooler grabbed her scissors. “Norah is so into hair stuff. She’ll notice details like someone’s glittery eye shadow,” Orton explained. “She doesn’t get it from me.”

Orton shared a video of the chop to Instagram, with her own funny commentary. “I’m kind of scared for my ear’s life.”

“It was way more happy and positive than I could have ever imagined. You can make funny things out of sad situations,” Orton revealed. “Norah was so pleased with herself. She wanted to keep going.”

Orton was inundated with praise on Instagram. “She’s going to became a world known hairstylist! Good job. Mom you’re amazing,” wrote one person. Added another: “I just love this so much. Helping the kids understand all of this at the same time you are.”

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[Tap on the IGTV icon in the bottom left to see the full frame and captions.] Norah: ‘Mom I liked my haircut I gave you.. but the haircut Dad gave you looks weird. I can’t play pretend with you unless you put on a wig and look good’ Cole: avoids looking at my me, and then just keeps saying, ‘It’s just so baaaaald I can’t look at it!’ He’s been really struggling with this whole thing. Remi: loves how it feels and keeps rubbing her hand on it like a lucky Buddha belly. We’ve had all the reactions. And still double-take when I wake up again every morning. Hopefully we get used to it soon. Because it’s a pretty big shock factor. We keep talking about how it means that chemo is working and cancer is leaving. Bald is good. The good bald. Is there a good bald? Let’s call this the good bald haircut.

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