Man Proposes to Girlfriend by Staging a Fake Armed Robbery

Quite possibly the most insane proposal of all time — and not in a good way

A proposal should be executed well seeing as how most women wait their entire lives to be asked that one important question.

Granted, there are a million ways to mess up a proposal — a lot of things that should not be done. Some things might even send women running the other way… literally.

Well, Ray Giuliano thought it would be a good idea — a romantic one even to stage an armed robbery at a convenience store in Erie County, N.Y., to propose to his girlfriend because an elaborate prank is apparently perfect way to pop the question.

“I was going for ‘scared’ with a happy moment afterwards. I wasn’t going for ‘terrified,'” he told Inside Edition.


According to the security footage that captured the proposal  a man appears to be attempting to rob the convenience store with a gun, before leaving and then coming back in. He then follows the store clerk, Giuliano, and his frightened girlfriend into the back.

Spoiler: she’s terrified.

In the footage, Giuliano’s girlfriend is seen cowering on the floor — and also begging for her life — as the “robber” approaches the pair and asks if the woman is Giuliano’s “girl,” before stating that he “do[esn’t] see a ring” on her finger.

Giuliano replies that the two aren’t married, which prompts the pretend-robber to reach into his bag and hand a ring to Giuliano, who then turns and proposes to his terrified, crying girlfriend — who only moments before was crying out, “Oh please, no! Please, no!”

She said yes …

Kinda sounds like a red flag, but that’s just us.

The store owner, the robber and groom — who were all in on it, and apparently believed this to be a good idea.


They had alerted the police about their plan beforehand and reportedly shut down the store so no one else would enter. They also used a prop gun to make it “as safe as possible,” Giuliano told Inside Edition.

His now-fiancé also reportedly called him a “bonehead” for the stunt.

In an attempt to give his future bride a more romantic proposal story, Giuliano proposed again on a bridge in Manhattan’s Central Park, Inside Edition reported.


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