Man Arrested for Punching Two McDonald’s Employees in the Face

Apparently the fast food chain got the guy's order wrong

It has got to be a rough year for fast food. There have been so many stories regarding people freaking out over wrong orders and waiting.

Fast food is making people crazy!

An angry customer in Utah allegedly assaulted multiple McDonald’s workers last month after claiming they screwed up his fast-food order. Authorities later arrested the man, who faces charges of burglary and two counts of assault.

The incident took place on November, 7 at a McDonald’s inside a Walmart in Layton, Utah, KUTV reported. After leaving with his food, Victor Jimmy Castro allegedly returned to the restaurant and forced his way behind the counter.

According to the arrest affidavit, which was released by The Smoking Gun, Castro punched the employee working behind the register in the face. He then went back into the kitchen and punched another worker in the face, per the affidavit.

“You got my order wrong,” Castro said during the attack, according to witnesses.

Authorities used surveillance footage of the incident to identify Castro and recently took him into custody.



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