Lithuanian Airport Creates Tree out of Passengers Confiscated Items

It's absolutely incredible to see how many people think it's acceptable to travel with scissors

There’s nothing like a passive aggressive message to kick off the holidays — don’t ya think?

An airport in Lithuania is celebrating the holidays with a very unique display — they made a Christmas tree that is made up entirely of items that were confiscated from passengers by security.

Quick question: Is it the best idea to put weapons on display in an airport — you know, the place that becomes 10X more stressful when you travel during the holidays?

We’re going to go with no.

Vilnius Airport shared the image on LinkedIn, explaining that the tree was made exclusively with prohibited items taken from passengers’ carry-on luggage during security screening, including knives, scissors, blades, mock guns, bullet cases and lighters, among other dangerous items.

Image: Lithuanian Airports

It’s absolutely incredible to see how many people think it’s acceptable to travel with scissors.

Image: Lithuanian Airports

The airport said it had shared photos of the quirky tree to “send an educational message on the importance of aviation security.”

“So if you don’t want your personal, yet prohibited, belongings to land on our next year’s Christmas tree — better check out the baggage requirements before you pack for your next flight,” the airport wrote.

Image: Lithuanian Airports


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