Ah family — can’t live with them, can’t trust them not to use your fears against you for their personal amusement.

A newly shared video which was taken at an amusement park in Anaheim, CA, back in October shows a woman having what appears to be a full-on meltdown after being tricked into riding a Ferris wheel with individually-swinging cars.

“I was tricked into getting onto the ride by my uncle and cousins who told me we were getting on the non-swinging ones,” the woman later said in a statement shared by ViralHog.

As seen in the footage, the screaming woman can be seen holding onto the cage surrounding the car. Who we presume to be her friends and family can be heard instructing her to try closing her eyes, but she refuses.

“No! That’s worse! I gotta know!” she yells.

When someone informs her that people are staring, she responds by telling him, “I don’t care! I don’t like this!”

She then resorts to screaming for most of the rest of the ride.

Commenters on YouTube couldn’t help but poke fun — some even sympathized.

Although no one in the video explicitly states it, the video is believed to have been shot on Mickey’s Fun Wheel at Disney California Adventure Park.

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