We all know that umping rope has been around for centuries, but chances are you haven’t seen it in its most extreme form — and no we’re not talking about double dutch.

A video of students in eastern China putting their jumping and turning skills to the ultimate test has stunned the Internet.

The clip, shared on Twitter, shows dozens of students in a schoolyard swinging, in unison, multiple ropes at once as one impressive student jumps between them.

The video, which is been viewed over 490,000 times, is so spectacular you have to see it to believe it.

Can you imagine it getting tangled up and having to deal with that aftermath?

Twitter users were super impressed by the rope-jumping spectacle and for sure had something to say.

One person said, “This looks like it could decapitate someone,” one Twitter user said, while another wrote, “Any chance there’s a clip of it taking someone out?”

“The Hunger Games, but if you stop skipping you die,” another commented.

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