Kids are the funniest little creatures!

A 5-year-old girl in England named Ella was participating in a performance of the Christmas story when she seemed to flip off the crowd for a majority of the play.

The little girl had no idea what she was doing other than trying to get her mom’s attention.

Turns out Ella had a hangnail on her finger and was not trying to send her school a message, The New York Post reports.

Carla Bovington, the girl’s mother, spoke with Kennedy News, saying, “The performance was about half-an-hour long, and I would say 70 percent of it she had her middle finger up. I was thinking, “Oh God, Ella please stop.” Because she was doing it so innocently, I think most people were thinking, ‘Oh, bless her.'”

Even though Ella apparently had no idea what she was doing, Bovington said, “A few of the older children whispered, ‘Ella’s got her finger up.’ Everyone seemed to know what she was doing.”

Naughty, naughty.

“It was so funny because she didn’t realize what she was doing,” Bovington continued. “I had to keep mouthing ‘Put your finger down,’ discreetly, but then I just accepted that she was going to be standing there with her finger up.”

“It had to be my child,” Bovington continued. “She just thinks she looks cute, but doesn’t know why we’re all laughing which is quite funny. When she’s older I will get (the photos) out again to show her. The second performance was much better. There was a little bit of clowning around as per usual for her, but it was fine.”

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