Chick-Fil-A Employee in North Carolina Charms Internet in Viral Video

Seriously though, they're the nicest fast-food workers out there

If you’ve never been to a Chick-fil-a then you’re one missing out on some good grub and two you’ve never experienced the absurd nicety of the people who work there.

Its on a whole different level than any other fast food restaurant you’ve experienced — and we say that with certainty.

Jeremiah Murrill, who works at the Oleander Drive location in Wilmington, was recently filmed taking a customer’s order on a day that most people would probably describe as miserable— but not Murrill.

The video, filmed by customer Toya Liles, shows the extremely polite Murrill taking her order car-side, wearing a winter jacket and cap. During the process, he compliments Liles and her passenger for being “very good” at the whole process, and even commends them for their “amazing ordering” just before swiping Liles’ credit card on his point-of-sale machine.

“You’re one swipe away from an awesome lunch, ma’am,” he tells her at one point.

Just before the customer drives away, however, Murrill informs her that he isn’t done with her just yet.

“It’ll be a pleasure serving you at our drive-thru window after two more things — do you know what that is?” he asks. When no one replies, he answers: “That’s a fist-bump each. You guys are awesome.”

Liles later shared the video to her Facebook page, where it has racked up nearly 190K views in just two weeks.

“The world needs more people like Jeremiah,” Liles told Fox News on Monday. “His positive attitude and his exhilarating spirit can brighten anyone’s day.

Liles also added on Facebook that Murrill is “like this ALL the time.”

Chick-Fil-A services is like??… Luv this young man he like this ALL the time…..A1 services all day everyday…

Posted by Toya Liles on Monday, December 16, 2019

Murrill, 20, later told WWAY that Liles, a frequent customer, had actually asked if she could film him that day, and he “didn’t think anything of it,” as he always aims to be “kind and nice” to the people who stop by the restaurant.

The Chick-fil-A employee is also well known by many of the location’s repeat customers, who say he treats them all to the same chipper service.

Murrill – who is one of five siblings employed by this Wilmington location – also told WWAY that he hopes to one day own his own franchise, with plans to continue his love of serving the community.


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