Bride-To-Be Ruins Future Brother-In-Law’s Marriage Proposal to Keep Spotlight

This is not the kind of sister-in-law anyone would want in their family

When most people decide they’re going to propose to their significant other they tend to expect their family to be supportive of their decision. Some even ask that their family is involved.

That’s not the case for this guy.

He decided to propose to his girlfriend and once he told his brother — chaos erupted.

Unfortunately, his brother and future sister-in-law felt like the proposal would steal their wedding’s thunder — even though he was planning on proposing a week after their wedding.

A Reddit user posting under the name Justnofamily shared his story on the site’s forums.

He began by explaining that he met his current girlfriend on New Year’s Eve 2017. Now, two years later he has decided she’s the one and  thought it would be romantic to pop the question at the stroke of midnight this year. It seemed like a great plan until he informed his brother.

“He told me initially that a potential wedding date he and his future wife were considering was December 21st and they didn’t want me to distract from them, and they’ve since confirmed the 21st of December for their wedding. I explained the significance of New Years to me and my girlfriend and they insisted it was too close to their wedding for me to do it because I’d be stealing their spotlight, even when I offered to hold off on announcing it.”

Since then, his brother and fiancé have been trying to get him to change his plans.

“I’ve gotten multiple messages from my brother and the bride asking me if I’m willing to choose a different date or otherwise delay proposing,” he continues. “My brother messaged again today asking me to change it, I said that the date was important and I wasn’t going to change it, and there would be 10 days between his wedding and my proposal so there wouldn’t be any spotlight to steal. Brother then says that the bride is pregnant and they were planning on announcing on New Year’s Eve. I tell him, again, that we can hold off on announcing but I want to propose on New Year’s Eve and there’s no limit on the number of things that can happen on that date. He doesn’t reply.”

While talking to his girlfriend, the author of the post noticed that she seemed weird. When he asked her what was up, he got some devastating news.

“My future sister-in-law contacted her and told her my plans,” he revealed. “I’ve never had a problem with sister-in-law before this, but I do now.”

Not surprisingly, Reddit users felt bad for the author.



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