Boy Allegedly Ordered to Change Snake T-Shirt Before Flight

There are legit no snakes on this plane

We can all admit that there are a lot of things on planes lately that we can all seriously question, whether its a horse or an opossum or even a guy duct taped to his seat — its a little crazy.

A ten year old boy was recently asked to change his T-shirt before a recent flight from a South African airport because it had a snake on it.

Earlier this month, Stevie Lucas was traveling through O. R. Tambo International Airport in Johannesburg with his family when security officers allegedly said he couldn’t board his scheduled flight due to his shirt, The Independent reports. As seen in an image of the shirt that recently surfaced on Twitter, Stevie’s black tee featured a large image of a green serpent.

The boy’s parents, Steve and Marga, reportedly claimed that the authorities explained “snake toys and printed clothing” were not allowed on the flight, according to the Daily Mail. Supposedly, the image of the reptile could cause “anxiety” for other passengers.

Uh, what?

In response, Marga is said to have instructed Stevie to turn his shirt inside-out in order to be able to board their flight home to Wellington, New Zealand, per the Independent. Local media reported that “airport security footage shows the 10-year-old taking off his T-shirt and turning it inside out,” the outlet said.


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