Amazon Customer Orders Apple Watch, Gets Plunger Instead

The holiday shopping days have finally passed and most people would probably say they walked away with some decent deals and others maybe not so much.

A man in London ordered an Apple Watch from Amazon, but when the shipment arrived in the mail, he was in for a surprise.

Apparently, somebody at Amazon made a bit of a mistake.

John Browne took advantage of a Black Friday sale to purchase the Apple Watch for about $387, reported South West News Service, a British news agency. Unfortunately, instead of the high tech watch, Browne received a $5 plunger.

“It was a pre-Christmas treat for myself and I have wanted one for a long time,” Browne told SWNS.”I waited for Black Friday specifically and it was a calculated move on my part. It got delivered to me at work and I went down to collect it at reception.”

He said, “I opened it in front of the reception staff and they started howling with laughter. They were all in absolute hysterics. But I was absolutely fuming and I had to hold it back in front of them. I was very annoyed and was dreading the impending faff to get it sorted with Amazon.”

He told SWNS that he considered it such a massive mistake that he couldn’t believe it.

While Amazon acknowledged that the order was wrong, they had more bad news for Browne — the color and design of the watch that he wanted was sold out by the time the mistake was discovered.

“I tried to order it for a second time and it had sold out,” Browne explained. “It has massively annoyed me. It’s just not good enough and all of the planning I put into getting the watch has gone out of the window.”

Oof, Amazon!


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