Wine Thief Opens and Tastes Nine Bottles at Local Grocery Store

Unless you’re a pro, cheap wine is always a hit or miss.

Maybe that’s why one shopper decided to test out numerous bottles of vino before landing on a bottle of Argentinian white wine.

The incident occurred in a grocery store in the northern part Thailand in early November, Newsflare reports. According to the store, the unidentified man drank about $60 worth of wine.

CCTV footage shows the man in the wine aisle and opening various wines — taking sips of them and putting them on the ground. At the end it was a total of nine bottles he sampled.

Store employees reportedly found the opened bottles lined up on the floor. After checking the security tapes, they contacted the police.

Can you imagine what kind of date this guy is?

Newsflare reports that the man ultimately chose a bottle of Argentinian white wine, which he brought to the counter and purchased.

He apparently did not offer any money for the sampled bottles of wine.



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