WATCH: Public Transit Employee Saves Man From Speeding Train

An Oakland city employee, John O’Conner saved a man from an oncoming train after the Oakland Raiders game this past Sunday. The series of events was caught on camera and it is incredible.

Right after the Raiders vs. Lions game people flooded a nearby Oakland BART stop — it’s not like anyone could leave early as the Lions almost tied up the game, but probably not really.

Anyway, the BART stop was packed with fans and a man got too close to the edge of the tracks and fell into the pit. As you can see in the footage just how fast O’Conner acted and how dire the situation was.

The train was hauling it and he was pulled up legit milliseconds before he was swallowed up by the zooming locomotive. O’Conner pulled him up in the nick of time and we can’t stress that enough.

Afterward, O’Conner admitted to CBS San Fransisco that he thought the guy was going to die. He said, “Everybody was telling him, ‘Get out of the trackway, a train’s coming.” He added, “I thought the train was going to cut him in half, honestly … I didn’t want to see this guy die.”

Fortunately everyone involved was not injured and cameras got the two sharing a big embrace afterward.

BART officials say O’Conner is a Transportation Supervisor who’s been working for the company for 20 some years. They deemed the occurrence as “an amazing rescue.”


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