Video: Judge Holds Baby as He Swears in Mother as a New Lawyer

Moms can do it all!

Juliana Lamar was sworn in as a lawyer last week by Tennessee Court of Appeals Judge Richard Dinkins.

The viral video shows Dinkins bouncing the baby while he administered the oath to Lamar, the mother of the 1-year-old who recently graduated from Belmont University College of Law, according to BuzzFeed News.

Lamar told BuzzFeed that moments before she was set to be sworn in, Dinkins said he wanted her son, Beckham, to “take part in the moment.” She added, “And I am so glad he did because to have my son take part in one of the greatest moments of my life was truly a blessing.”

Lamar, who reportedly used to work as a clerk in Dinkins’s court, said the judge was “a guiding light during my legal career.”

She continued, “When I was nine months pregnant, the day before I found out I needed to be induced, Judge Dinkins spoke on the importance of voting at an event I hosted as the president of my school’s Black Law Students’ Association.” She said, “During this event Judge Dinkins reminded me of how proud he was of me and that he knew I would do great things, even with a baby in tow.”

Lamar told the publication that she gave birth to Beckham while attending law school. She spoke in the interview about the immense pressure she said she was under shortly after giving birth due to her university’s strict policies on absences.


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