Sweet Dog Waits by Side of Pond Whimpering After Owner Drowns

Just another reason as to why we don’t deserve dogs.

A dog was found whimpering by the side of a pond in Chanthaburi, Thailand last Friday after his owner slipped and drowned.

Family members believe the farmer fell into the pond while trying to turn on a sprinkler which waters durian on a farm. According to the family he wasn’t well when he went to the pond.

When Somprasong Srithongkhum, 56, wasn’t home his cousin Somporn went out looking for him and she found Mhee, the six-year-old dog, alone by the shore with his master’s flip-flops and torch beside him.

Suspecting that her cousin may have slipped and drowned in the pond, she then called a local rescue team to either confirm or deny her suspicions. It took divers 10 minutes to find the body.

Police reports indicate that Somprasong’s death was likely an accident.


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